Let’s introduce ourselves

The Engineering Process Improvement Community is a group of people with an engineering background. But more than that, we are driven by an urge to improve the way engineering is done.

No matter what our field of expertise is, we distinguish from other engineers by questioning the way the engineering process is done. Looking beyond the engineering problem that needs to be solved, and focussing on ways to take the engineering process to a next level.

You will not find the holy grail nor a silver bullet that will solve all your problems instantly. There are many ways to improve but all of them take time. For each of us it is a quest in which we explore, discover and learn by experience. This forum is where we share this knowledge and experience.

If you are eager to learn or contribute to this effort, you have found a place where you can share your ideas and get some new ones in return.

Welcome to the EPICommunity!

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